Tuesday, March 8, 2011


DriverFinder is a relatively new driver update product. It can be downloaded from the DriverFinder website. Finding the right device drivers can be a nightmare, so it is good that such programs are available for the less technical people. But considering that there are a number of such programs already, we took a look at DriverFinder to see how it ranks against the competition.

DriverFinder Program Review

When starting the DriverFinder program, you see the main application screen. The first time I ran the program, it automatically executed a system scan to check for driver updates on my system.

Once the scan was complete, the program reported the driver update results. It shows the number of drivers scanned as well as the number of outdated drivers. As you can see in the screenshot, I had 11 outdated drivers according to the program.

As mentioned, I ran the program on a Vista 64-bit HP system, and it resulted in 11 out of date drivers. To see the details of the drivers that can be updated, I clicked the View button. This brings up to the following screen.

The screen lists the devices by name, including the current and the new available driver version. This is a good thing, as in many other programs you can not even see the new versions until you register the product.

The program has an option to download all new found drivers in one go by clicking the green Fix Now button. If you prefer to download each driver individually, you can click the blue Download buttons next to each device in the list.

How DriverFinder™ Auto-Updates & Fixes Your PC

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My suggestions:

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